Did the lockdown have an adverse effect on your finances?


Get in the minds of consumers in Nigeria

With our optimized structure you can conduct online market research surveys to get consumer insights. We use a unique sampling system to collect and analyse data from real verified participants in Nigeria.

Evidence-based business solutions

You get the best team of analysts with international market research experience to transform raw data into profitable solutions. So whether you need to gain industry knowledge, or develop a new product, you get the right data to create feasible marketing plans.

Would you pay more for groceries to be delivered due to Covid-19?

Yes I would

More than Market Research


Our mission is to foster a research culture in Nigeria. One important strategy is to gain insights by creating online surveys in order to stimulate impact-driven projects.

Another key project is Girls STEM (SDGs 5) where girls in secondary school learn programming and data analytics.

With Pull Up A Seat Lagos, we invite leaders in their fields to meet with other women and discuss issues that affect them, share their experiences and discover solutions.

Featured News

What we've been up to lately, including articles, reports, and surveys findings.

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