Who We Are

The team at WillFran consulting is pro-actively working to foster a research culture in Nigeria. We thrive in sourcing for relevant information and evidence-based facts. We are experts in delivering on projects with keen eye for detailing and precision. We possess hard and soft skills required for delivering high performance jobs. Our expertise includes design and implementation of projects which are impact-driven for our clients and target audience. We use research and analytical skills to develop programs which has the interest and the needs of the target audience at its core.
Our overall aim for everything we do at WillFran consulting is to leverage on our resources in order to build trust, develop partnerships and collaborations in order to build our capacity and that of the beneficiaries of our projects.

Our Methodology


Tell us what you need and we’ll design the right online survey, target the right people and give you the most accurate data.


Get access to the geographic sample you need with our unique survey quota system to ensure results are demographically representative.


Make informed decision using our qualitative in-depth analysis. Track and monitor public opinions of your product/company, compared with your rivals.

What We Aim to Achieve with Our Clients

Our plan is to be able to effectively manage the services we offer to our clients. The only way we believe we can achieve this is to be consistent in partnering with our clients’ in order to meet their wants and needs. Clients only want one thing – to proffer solutions to their unmet needs. At WillFran consulting we strive to not only proffer solutions but to also deliver results which allows for organizational progression for the clients’ portfolio. We usually offer robust feedbacks capable of supporting and promoting the portfolio of our clients.

The Future of Work

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Why Partner With Us?

We believe that knowledge does not exist in vacuum. We are of the opinion that for knowledge to expand it must be fostered by joint efforts. Joint efforts with other organizations or businesses as a means to bring about growth and progression. This enables us in being able to achieve our goals and objectives. Our goal is to foster a pro-active research culture through research work, advocacy and development-focused projects. Our objective is to ensure that our target audience develops a desire for self-taught research, to engage in research work and engage with research tools so as to bring about innovation, creativity and sustainability. We do not rely on the idea that research only thrives within academia. Research is versatile. Resourceful enough to generate leads for problem solving and flexible in adapting to new and disruptive innovations.