Project Highlights

  • EdTech Programme for young girls
  • Specially designed curriculum tailored to students
  • Teach python programming and data analytics
  • Working with partners to implement the project
  • Creating the next generation of women in tech

Next Generation of Tech Girls

The consultancy has a keen interests in the socio-economic development for women and girls in Africa and the SDGs project has been created specifically to cater to some of those needs. The project will support the United Nation’s efforts at reducing poverty through partnerships with public agencies, privately owned establishments/co-operations, civil society organizations (CSOs) and NGOs. In line with the statement of the African Union, we also recognize the importance of science, technology, research and innovation in stimulating development in Africa. The labor market is seeking for professionals working in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to support the fourth industrial revolution.

Future of work is Girls STEM

The project will catch them young by introducing these secondary school girls to aspects of python programming and data analytics as well as the relevance of mathematics as it relates to these two fields. The participation by these girls results in three things: they are equipped with skills they can use in empowering their agile development in their future careers; they acquire new and additional knowledge which they can covert to earnings as they progress in life; and they are empowered to join the labor market thereby reducing the poverty gap through the utilization of these skills and the earning power they will have at their disposal.

The Process

Design & Implement Curriculum

The Girls STEM project will provide interactive courses and use transformative teaching methods to allow a two way learning experience.

Accessible EdTech

With our implementing partners and technical sponsors we will deliver offline classes in the pilot stage where the girls have access to all the materials needed.

Problem-solving generation

The programme will create the next generation of tech leaders in Africa who will provide solutions using technology

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