Covid-19 Knowledge Attitudes & Beliefs among Nigerians

Not Surprisingly 41% of Nigerians prefer to get information about the Covid-19 pandemic via social media

Half of Nigerians surveyed don't think the government is doing enough

A whopping 77% of people do not believe the Nigerian government is truthful on Covid-19 statistics

The Covid-19 pandemic adversely impacted finances and household incomes of Nigerians across all income brackets

Big families are common in Northeast and Southeast. More than half the respondents live in household of more than 5 people.

Results from our survey indicate that 60% of our respondents fall between the ages 34-49

Do Nigerians go out less for grocery shopping as a result of the pandemic?

During the lockdown at least 38% of people surveyed turned to buying in bulk, going to the supermarket to buy groceries only once a week.

Mobile and Online Banking Survey

During the pandemic 60% of Nigerians switched to paying online

Only 14% of surveyed respondents prefer Fintech Apps.

Majority of people surveyed can't transact online like before

Before the covid-19 pandemic, Online and Mobile Banking have been the preferred means of carrying out bank transactions for a larger portion of people surveyed

Majority believe their banks have social distancing measures in place

Assessing peoples’ perception of banks and safety measures since the pandemic

Women in STEM fields survey

Only a quarter of women believe STEM organizations in Nigeria promote diversity

Over 50% say it is difficult for female owned startups to secure funding

41% agree that STEM organizations adequately address unfair treatment of women

More than half of respondents say there are barriers to promotion for women in STEM fields

1/3 women believe there are less than 10% representation of women in STEM organisations

There are more women in Medical and Healthcare sector than any other STEM sector in Nigeria

Two-thirds of our respondents were between the ages 18-30

Most respondents studied science and engineering at university

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