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Girls STEM Edtech

Project Highlights

  • EdTech Programme for young girls
  • Specially designed curriculum tailored to students
  • Teach python programming and data analytics
  • Implementing and technical partners in project
  • Create the next generation of women in tech

Our Approach

As part of the work for the future in reducing poverty through partnerships, WillFran consulting is looking to contribute its own quota to reduce the poverty gap in the labor market between children from less privileged backgrounds and children from more privileged backgrounds. Equipping children from less privileged backgrounds with STEM skills will afford them the opportunity to compete on the same level with children from more privileged backgrounds who have had opportunities easily available to them beyond their primary and lower secondary education. The STEM project will support the persistent disparities both for inclusive education and also for bridging the labor market gaps between children from these two backgrounds. Equity issues are a major challenge in Education which goes on to be reflected even in the labor market.

The project will catch them young by introducing these secondary school girls to aspects of python programming and data analytics as well as the relevance of mathematics as it relates to these two fields. The participation by these girls results in three things: they are equipped with skills they can use in empowering their agile development in their future careers; they acquire new and additional knowledge which they can covert to earnings as they progress in life; and they are empowered to join the labor market thereby reducing the poverty gap through the utilization of these skills and the earning power they will have at their disposal.