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Research Skills Workshop

Project Highlights

  • Interactive classes to help SME collect and analyse data
  • Research skills training for students and SME owners
  • Skills training for young and inexperience lawyers
  • Learn to collate data on funding and business intelligence
  • Opportunities to connect and network with SME owners

Optimize your Research Capacity

At the start up stage, SMEs are not focusing on doing business market research but more focused on marketing and sales. This process involves investment and the need to employ an expert to carry out the task. The little funding resources is usually channeled into launching of the product, marketing and sales. This is the existing gap that WillFran consulting (WFC) is aiming to fill. That is, facilitating trainings that teach people how to carry out their own business market research and empowering them with other forms of knowledge that would contribute towards the growth of the business venture. WFC launched this project on 8th August 2019.

Research skills training (RST) for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs). The training is aimed at enlightening SMEs on the importance of acquiring research skills. A small business is usually limited by funds, employees and resources. This results in the need to maximize its expenses while trying as much as possible to maximize its resources. Lack of funding, innovation and uncertainty usually undermines the growth of SMEs. Funding is a major problem solver for any establishment but due to the bargaining resources of SMEs it can be a daunting task for them to obtain funding. Another reason is also that there are myriads of SMEs looking for funding compared to the funding.


We train students

Research skills class (RSC) for students in higher institutions. Most law departments within Universities in Nigeria hardly have classes for law students on how to conduct research for law related subjects. This session would teach students how to develop their topic, identify the existing gap in a law related sector, identify the problem within the law related area the student intends to research, clarify the problem, formulate hypothesis/hypotheses, prepare a research design and methodology for the research work. The consultancy will facilitate classes for students attendees from the same or different universities.

We Train Lawyers

Lawyers need to be well versed in conducting research for case and legal analysis, interpretation of case laws, writing of articles, making critical and comparative analysis. First of all, the consultancy will embark on this RST project by engaging with lawyers in Nigeria via the sharing of research materials. We will be sourcing for relevant research materials and opportunities for lawyers. It is our intention to make these legal practitioners aware of our capacity to source for scholarly research materials or materials we know would be useful in their legal practice.