Project Highlights

  • Interactive classes to help SMEs with acquisition of research skills for business research and customer development
  • Research skills training for students to aid their research, writing for their dissertation and submission of articles
  • Skills training for young lawyers who want to invest in research that aids their legal work as well as insights for writing articles
  • Our research skills training package also includes learning how to conduct online surveys, collation of insights and data information
  • Training also includes opportunities for practical demonstrations and sharing of network opportunities/information

Optimize your research capacity

At the start up stage, SMEs are not focusing on doing business market research but more focused on marketing and sales. This process involves investment and the need to employ an expert to carry out the task. The little funding resources is usually channeled into launching of the product, marketing and sales. This is the existing gap that WillFran consulting (WFC) is aiming to fill. That is, facilitating trainings that teach people how to carry out their own business market research and empowering them with other forms of knowledge that would contribute towards the growth of the business venture. WFC launched this project on 8th August 2019.

The Process

Register for a class

Tell us what you want to know, and join the perfect class for you. Options range from classes for SMEs, lawyers, students, or if you want a mix we have the class for you.

Interactive classes and learning

Interactive and engaging full day classes on a streamlined curriculum. Dynamic learning environment to equip you with key skills. You also get complementary tea, coffee breaks and lunch

Discover solutions and opportunities

You get to opportunities network with startup owners in a diverse range of fields. Not only do you learn but you also plug into the circle of innovators and changemakers

Ready to Learn?

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We regularly send newsletters to members who have attended a research skills training. Even if you haven’t been to a skills class you can to keep up to date with latest information for SME owners and legal practitioners. Click below for  the newsletter that’s appropriate for you.
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