New Product Development

Test Before Launching

We provide online surveys and consumer research where you can run a pilot testing for products/service before you launch in the market. Save costs by gauging what people truly think of your products, how they intend to use it, and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Our expert qualitative research analysis gives you an edge by offering your NPD team fast reliable insight into the size of the market and readiness of the consumers. The data interpretation in useful for four (4) key decisions in your marketing plan 

1) choosing the price range to sell for that will break-even

2) designing your products specification to meet the markets needs 

3) deciding how to communicate your product to your target audience 

4) setting up the optimal distribution channel for your market.

The Product. The Market. The User

  • Speed: Get robust accurate and representative data to solve your product and business challenges in a matter of weeks
  • Cost Effective: The size and depth of consumer insight from the surveys mean you can measure specific groups that allows you to make inference of a larger population.
  • Responsive: Our team of researchers are top professionals who communicate using the best practices. You will be assigned an analysts with expert knowledge of the industry you operate in so your questions are answered quickly with feedback that put your satisfaction first.
  • Reliable: You only get accurate data you can trust. Surveys are designed by a team with experience in the market to ensure only the relevant questions are asked and verified results are presented.