Research Skills Training

Learn from the Best

WillFran Consulting sets up quarterly research skills training for various groups interested in improving their capacity for conducting precise investigations to solve a problem. We target students, legal practitioners, marketing professionals, and SME owners. Our team of expert trainers have years of experience in research so focus on building your knowledge and skills using industry best practices.

The programme is perfect for individual looking to start their business as it equips them with tools to make informed decisions, provides networking opportunities, and helps channel their funding efforts.

The objectives of the training include, but not limited to, understanding and identify the right research- research for funding- explaining baseline and end line research- and monitoring and evaluating.

Fast Surveys. Fast Data. Fast Solutions.

  • Speed: Get robust accurate and representative data to solve your product and business challenges in a matter of weeks
  • Cost Effective: The size and depth of consumer insight from the surveys mean you can measure specific groups that allows you to make inference of a larger population.
  • Responsive: Our team of researchers are top professionals who communicate using the best practices. You will be assigned an analysts with expert knowledge of the industry you operate in so your questions are answered quickly with feedback that put your satisfaction first.
  • Reliable: You only get accurate data you can trust. Surveys are designed by a team with experience in the market to ensure only the relevant questions are asked and verified results are presented.